TNL Homes believes in giving back to the community. It's truly a reason why they started the company. The founders of TNL Homes have a soft spot for children. This winter they plan on reaching out to communities in the central Mass area, to bring food, clothes, and toys this holiday season to children and families who would otherwise have little to nothing. We envision expanding our community outreach overseas to third world countries, to bring clean water, build homes, schools, and orphanages, so that people's lives can be changed!

As promised we are a company devoted to helping the community and being there for those in need. In November 2015 we went into the heart of Boston, the Boston Commons. As we wondered the streets we simply went to find people who we could help. It was a cold day, so we decided to stop by a local sandwich shop and purchase hot sandwiches to simply hand out. We quickly ran out of food, but it was worth seeing the gratefulness from those who were on the streets simply looking for a good meal.

In December 2015, TNL Homes delivered on it's promise. A family of 5, a single mother and 4 children, needed a little joy this holiday season. Seeing their need, we were happy to help them this year. So we got a list of everything that they needed and helped them from food, to clothing, to fun toys for the kids, we helped bring love to them. As we were able to bless this family, we as a company could feel the emotion running through us. It was an honor. A sure pleasure to be able to help someone. What is truly amazing, is we will give 10 fold this year. As a company we anticipate 2016 to be an incredible year, and when this happens, helping people will be a big priority for us as a company. I hope you are all prepared for TNL Homes to take the community by storm. Stay tuned for more to come!!!

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